praise Sheet

February 08, 2021

One of the best career tips I’ve ever gotten was to keep a log of everything I’m doing at work that I feel proud of.


There isn’t much technicality involved in this - every day at the end of the day write down one or two things you’ve done today that you are proud of. Be granular and specific, even if the thing you’ve done isn’t that big or (so you think) important.


- Debugged the async issue in our frontend,
learned _a lot_ from MDN docs
- Helped a colleague write technical documentation
- Updated our DNS config after 3 days of debugging - lot's
of technical knowledge. (I shoudl blog about it)
- Gave a talk at a local college. I am proud of
my public speaking skills.


Not only you’re making a habit of self-positive affirmation, but also keeping a record of everything that happens. You will need that list at various moments. When you’re…

  • feeling down about yourself and impostor syndrome is playing up
  • jobhunting and at a loss of what to put in your cv
  • in need of inspiration for blogging topics
  • applying for a promotion and want to convince your manager

 That’s all

It’s really that simple. Be kind to yourself, respect your own work and be proud of it. Even if you won’t ever show this to anyone else, it’s going to benefit your greatly.

Written by Daniel Kaczmarczyk, a software engineer and educator. you can find me on twitter or email me at

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