Weekly Cadence

September 20, 2021

I’ve changed the approach to writing my thoughts down - daily posts, especially on days when I just do a bunch of not-so-noteworthy work (practicing a programming language, solving a leetcode question, etc.) would make a signal to noise ratio too high, so I’m bundling the weeks in a Monday post.

From last week, I’ve not documented Fri-Sun, and they all went well. I’ve prepared some meta-learning things for myself that enabled higher focus and more sustainable habit development:

  • Set up a cork board with post-its of a variety of topics that I am planning to cover in the upcoming months. Seeing a visual representation of the work to be performed is a great cue for healthy work habit formation. I’ve put down about 50 post-its with topics, algorithms, books, challenges, etc. that I want to cover, and every time I’m free to work on something on the side, it’ll come off from the board.
  • Organised a nice pile of tangible flashcards. I want to experiment with more tactile learning environment, so I’m switching some flashcarding from Anki to paper.

Coding wise, I’ve spent my time working on the VM implementation for the first class starting today. Writing a simple vm with a few opcodes was enough of a challenge to take a whole day (including reading up, videos, etc), which was humbling enough. It’d be an easy challenge and a straightforward exercise if I took it at face value, but looking at the depth of possibilities and considerations, I am happy that I have gone the extra mile. Working like that for a long time will not be sustainable as dealing with a lot of knowledge makes it so that it’s necessary to choose what to focus on wisely.

Another day, another commit.

Written by Daniel Kaczmarczyk, a software engineer and educator. you can find me on twitter or email me at daniel.kaczmarczyk@hey.com

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